Pop Song challenge

We set out to create a hybrid between the pop and indie genres with an almost tongue-in-cheek approach, making the assignment all the more fun in producing. We married the two genres together by manipulating the all too repetitive and cliche’d pop musical structure with a progressive indie composition to achieve a piece which, in keeping with the pop trademark, became impossible to get out of our heads. Our construction of ‘Marc of a Man’ allowed us to explore how indie music tries (often too hard) to intellectualise the musical process, as can be seen in our 250 word blurb. Our tongue-in-cheek approach was continued and almost epitomised by the name & attached logo of ‘Marc of a Man’. By attributing the symbol of a question mark as the mark of a man (in a group that outweighed men by 3-1) we hoped to humour our female audience members by drawing attention to the cluelessness of men. 

There were so many possibilities with this assignment that given the chance to do it again I am sure we would have created something completely different. Listening to some of the other groups assignments in class I particularly liked the ones that mashed up older audio pieces such as instructional videos with modern beats and electronic sounds. I feel like these songs worked on numerous levels and would have been really interesting in exploring different issues they can portray. If we did the assignment again I would have liked to immersed myself more with the actual recording process and learnt how to use the equipment in a more detailed manner but with the time restraints there wasn’t really room to experiment. It was also interesting to see the visual aesthetic of the different groups and particularly their use of GIFFS to add another layer of construction to their act.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the finished product and I think the song itself sounded pretty polished and professional. The vocalist we used was really strong which was a huge bonus and definitely took our work to another level. Of course there was room for improvement with our construction of Marc of a Man but I was pleased with the stage that we got it to. 



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