The editing process has been so much more painful than anticipated. Mainly because I’ve chosen to have 35 movies running at once on the one screen. Stupid me for thinking the computers at my University of Technology could have kept up. So I basically have had to blind edit because the previews are taking ridiculously long to render – 15 minutes for not even 8 seconds of footage. However, seeing as this is my first time using After Effects I’m pretty happy with how I’ve managed to work through it all. It’s taken me 4 solid days to edit the 4 minutes of footage and now the rendering out process is taking even longer. To render my project would have literally taken over 24 hours so I’ve had to split my piece up into 30 second increments over 8 computers to get the job done quicker. But now I have been left with a strange effect in some of the clips so I am back in the lab trying to fix it! 


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