Filming Process

Typically, my filming process did not go to plan. My chosen day was beautiful weather and my shots were looking amazing, but my actress didn’t know her lines and then my camera battery ran out and the media lab men had conspired against me by not including the charger in the bag. So filming was postponed til 3 days later, which wasn’t a complete waste of time as I got to practise the shots that I hadn’t been able to quite wrap my mind around. Then the new (and final chance) filming day came around and of course just as I start filming the first rain sydney has seen in weeks came bucketing down. So after my location was compromised, we moved to filming in my actresses carport. Several flat batteries, full memory cards, planes flying over head and cars passing by later, filming was finished. It then took around 3 hours to get all the footage on to my computer so I could see what I had, which of course was not enough. However, I was pretty happy overall with how the shots I did have turned out. The filming process was definitely a learning experience and I was really lucky to have an extremely patient actress as it took me a while to get everything together. While I always knew to have back ups of everything I now know the importance first hand.


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