Finally ‘Fractured’ is done and dusted! Here is a screenshot of the opening aesthetic:


And the closing aesthetic:


Overall I’m pretty pleased with the end result. But I have had too many problems to count in getting to this stage. I was literally in the media lab until almost 1am on a saturday night (seriously sad). My main issue was the rendering process but then extended into my final edit. In order to render some of the 30 second slots out I had to change the frame rate. I had been editing in 25 fps despite having filmed at 23.97 ( a mistake i realised very late into the process). Stupidly, I exported some at 23.97 and others at 25 which meant when I came to synch the sounds I had all sorts of problems. I had to split the audio up into countless sections and manually synch each line of dialogue. This process was so lengthy that unfortunately my soundtrack suffered due to a lack of time. I’m not all that pleased with the soundtrack as I wanted more of a climax to build and am even considering re-doing it once the assignment is over. I definitely allocated myself a much larger task than the assignment asked for and paid for this tenfold in the entire process of the project. I’m really pleased with the visual aesthetic and am also really glad to have started my after effects learning experience, now I’ve done this huge task it doesn’t seem that daunting. I also don’t love my script, but perhaps that’s just a result of hearing it way too many times now. Ultimately I am glad I chose this as an experiment and I aim to continue experimenting with this form in more short pieces. Things can only get better, and at least I know to expect the hell I have already experienced in editing 35 screens at once!



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