Marc of a Man

 The solo project of Melbourne-born Marc of a Man, was picked up by internationally renowned Mushroom Music in late 2012. Marc had played guitar religiously from a young age, but his passion for song-writing and composing music came after high school when he became loyal to gigs and music festivals. After years toughing it out performing on local streets and in pubs, Marc is proud to release his debut EP Marc’s ism – a release of the underground Melbourne Indie scene to mainstream listeners.

 Marc’s music reflects a hybrid genre; he avoids indie minimalist style by employing a pop aesthetic. He mixes a pop musical approach with a progressive indie method of composition, think P!nk meets Matt Corby. Marc’s songs navigate through relatable life experiences; his lyrics reflect heartache, loneliness and love. Marc’s debut single, Walk Away, is a taste of this – a song about the breakdown of his relationship.

 Marc’s stimulating solo project is reflected in his songs, which are an attempt to discover what the mark of a man is. His lyrics pose deep questions: What have we let define us? Can a man ever change his mark? Or will our questions always be answered by the experiences of our past?

Marc’s rare method of composition, his blended genre, his profound lyrics, his persona and his project have proved interesting to listeners of many different musical styles. Thank you for purchasing this album and please enjoy experiencing the mark of this talented, young man.

For more information about Marc, the release of his second album and future performances, visit or find him on Facebook.


Cockatoo Island

Given the circumstances I was pretty pleased overall with how our piece of work turned out. We managed to mirror the main aims of our manifesto on a basic level, but if we could do the process again I guess I’d like to add some depth to our work. We left the pieces pretty open to interpretation and I’m interested to find out if people understood the points we were trying to make without us overtly outlining them within the work itself. I guess you can never have too much research and I think if we had done some more on the topics we chose we would have had a lot more to say, but at the end of the day you’ve got to stop somewhere, the field of information and opinions on the political topics we chose are very far and dauntingly wide.

The production process was relatively easy, but as usual, time consuming. We started all sitting around the one computer which got pretty laborious so the next time we met we divided up the site so we could get things done quicker. It meant sacrificing a bit of creative control over each others work and I guess required a bit of trust, but in order to get things done within the week time frame it kind of became a necessity. We were just lucky to have such a great group! It was really good to listen to the work in the actual space out on cockatoo island and see how it worked on location and how it interacted with our allocated site. I think we managed to reach the brief pretty well and overall was quite happy with how it all turned out.


Challenging perceptions to inspire change.

Finding a way through the chaotic noise of political discourse.

Art as a tool to highlight social inequalities.

Where leaders fail to lead, art inspires the collective to act.